Texas Coaching Rumors: Thursday Hot Board


After a brief pause for Christmas, the Texas coaching search is back on, and there have been some developments since we last checked in.

- Art Briles is being considered as a serious candidate for the Washington Redskins job if Mike Shanahan gets fired at the end of the NFL season. Briles, who we've regularly seen at the top of the hot board for two weeks now, would take the Redskins job over the UT job if presented with both.

- We're hearing that Gus Malzahn is no longer being seriously considered for the position, although details as to why are still murky.

- Despite interest in multiple NFL head coaches, Texas is set on one particular individual, and will most likely turn to a college coach if their main target isn't available.

As of Thursday, here are the top 5 candidates to take over for Mack Brown at Texas:


5. James Franklin, Vanderbilt Head Coach

If Franklin can win at Vanderbilt in the SEC, he can win anywhere. With interest from a number of programs, Franklin will be on the move shortly - whether he's still on the market by the time Texas calls is an issue in itself. Not in the first tier of Texas targets, Franklin is still here because unlike our other candidates, his contract is a non-issue and he'd take the job without question.


4. John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens Head Coach

If the Ravens make the playoffs, Harbaugh is out of the race - Texas won't twiddle their thumbs and wait around for him to become available. If the Ravens miss out...things become very interesting. Harbaugh has achieved all there is to achieve at the pro level. He's also a college football nut who would reportedly love to settle down and start a dynasty somewhere. If the Ravens miss out on the Wild Card, keep a very close eye on John Harbaugh.


3. Les Miles, LSU Head Coach

Miles is gaining ground in the race, and we've heard from multiple sources now that there are several individuals on the Texas search committee who have a soft spot for the Mad Hatter.


2. Art Briles, Baylor Head Coach

Briles has been heavily linked to the Washington Redskins over the past 48 hours, and he'd reportedly favor a reunion with Robert Griffin III in the NFL over taking over at Texas. Briles is still one of the first names on the Texas list, but if UT waits too long and the NFL comes calling, they may miss out.


1. Jimbo Fisher, FSU Head Coach

With Art Briles being targeted by NFL teams, Fisher becomes the most likely candidate to step in at Texas. A Nick Saban disciple, Fisher helped FSU turn a corner and return to national prominence. Fisher won't come cheap, but Texas is convinced that he's worth it.



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