Texas Coaching Rumors: Friday Evening Hot Board


Well, that sure was an interesting day for the Texas coaching search. According to numerous reports, Nick Saban elected to sign a contract extension with Alabama rather than take the Texas job, so the hunt for Mack Brown's replacement in Austin is going to change dramatically. There's still a slim chance that Mack Brown keeps his job for another year, but signs still point to Brown stepping down at some point next week.


5. Art Briles, Baylor Head Coach

Briles has brought huge success to Baylor, a program that was struggling mightily before he arrived. He's shown what he can do as a recruiter and an offensive mastermind, and with the resources available at Texas, he could work wonders. The biggest stumbling block? His current contract, which runs through 2020.

4. Jimbo Fisher, Florida State Head Coach

Fisher is having a great year at FSU, and he's someone held in very high regard in coaching circles. He's had a tremendous amount of success at Florida State, but he might be reluctant to leave a program headed into a national title game. There's also upcoming Heisman winner Jameis Winston's sophomore year to come back for...as much as Texas might want Fisher, he has plenty of reasons to say no.

3. David Shaw, Stanford Head Coach

Shaw is highly respected for the work he's done with the academic restrictions that come with working for a program like Stanford. As one of the top backup choices if Saban didn't pan out (and it sure looks like he didn't), we'd bet on Texas regents reaching out to Shaw in the very near future.

2. Urban Meyer, Ohio State Head Coach

Meyer has snuck back into discussions with Saban falling out of the race. As one of the few really marquee names in college football, he'll be highly coveted for the job, and if Texas thinks they can land him, they'll move heaven and earth to make it happen.

1. Gus Malzahn, Auburn Head Coach

Malzahn takes the lead with Saban's departure, to the infinite joy of Alabama fans everywhere. He's already on the record saying he wants the Texas job. He's been incredibly successful in his first year with Auburn, and he's seen as a candidate who can still improve as a coach while building a dynasty in Austin. Make no mistake - he'll be getting a call from Texas in the next day or so, if he hasn't already.

WILD CARD: John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens Head Coach

Harbaugh is the guy Texas wants over everyone else, but his availability casts doubt over his viability as a real candidate. The Ravens are 7-6, and a win this weekend against the Detroit Lions would position them for a playoff run in the AFC. Harbaugh won't even talk to Texas regents until the Ravens season is effectively over, and if that doesn't happen until mid-January, he's out of the running. If the Ravens crash out and don't make the playoffs, though...all bets are off.



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