Texas Coaching Rumors: Friday Evening Hot Board


The Texas coaching search continues to roll along. As of Friday evening, no clear frontrunner has emerged, but there are several candidates with a clear lead over the rest of the pack. Vanderbilt's James Franklin was heavily linked with the job today, but we can report that while Franklin is one of the many names under consideration, he's currently far enough down the list that there's no reason to move him into the top five candidates. As things stand, here are the guys with the best chance of being named Mack Brown's successor at Texas:


5. Les Miles, LSU Head Coach

Miles has already proven that he can build a program that can achieve sustained success in an incredibly tough conference. Miles is seen in some circles as a loose cannon, but he has several admirers among the Texas search committee.


4. Gus Malzahn, Auburn Head Coach

Malzahn called Texas his dream job earlier this year. He's currently getting ready to take a team that went 3-9 last year to the national championship. No one's stock has risen faster than Malzahn's this year, and he's one of the first college coaches on the Texas list. Stay tuned.


3. Jimbo Fisher, FSU Head Coach

Fisher has played coy with the media when asked about the Texas job, and we've heard from multiple sources now that he's very interested in the position. If Texas can wait until after the national championship on January 6, Fisher will be very much in play.


2. Jon Gruden, ESPN Analyst

Gruden is a major player in this race, and his big-name status is especially alluring to the UT administration. Texas wants a good coach, but they also want to make a splash - they're of the opinion that Gruden gives them both.


1. Art Briles, Baylor Head Coach

Briles is an expert at evaluating talent, and his recruiting skills and tactical prowess are second-to-none in the Big 12. Briles has everything Texas is looking for, and it's only a matter of time before his agent gets the call.


Wild Card: Nick Saban, Alabama Head Coach

Saban's name just won't go away - whether that's wishful thinking in Texas or based in fact is up to you to decide. Our own conversations with those close to the situation have led us to believe there's definitely some fire to go with all this smoke - read the report and decide for yourself.



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