Mack Brown Replacement Rumors: Thursday Morning Texas Coaching Hot Board


Today's the day - Texas officials are expected to meet with Mack Brown this afternoon to discuss his future with the program, and all indications point to him being politely shown the door.

So, who steps in as head coach for one of college football's marquee programs? A number of candidates have been thrown out there, but only a handful have a realistic shot. As of Thursday morning, here are the guys most likely to be the next Longhorns coach...

5. Jimbo Fisher, Florida State Head Coach

Fisher's recent success at Florida State has made him one of the more appealing coaches out there, but there are plenty of people who don't think he'd walk away from FSU right after getting them to the national title game. That said, Fisher would reportedly consider the right offer if it came along, and Texas is one of the small handful of schools he'd have to think long and hard about. Texas regents have yet to make an approach, but according to those close to the situation, Fisher will be one of the first people contacted if other candidates don't pan out.

4. David Shaw, Stanford Head Coach

Shaw is a fairly new name on this list, and there's been plenty of (justified) skepticism over whether a Stanford graduate would leave his alma mater for a job he didn't have much of a connection to. Shaw is here because Texas officials love what he's done with the Stanford program, and although leaving Stanford wouldn't be easy, the allure of Texas (and their near-infinite resources) might be too much to pass up. Shaw's Stanford team is also headed into a rebuilding year with defensive anchors Shayne Skov and Ben Hogan moving on, so if Shaw is going to move on, now is the time.

3. Gus Malzahn, Auburn Head Coach

Malzahn's success this year has launched him into the coaching stratosphere, and with Auburn headed to the national title game one year after they went 3-9, he's getting some deserved recognition as one of college football's best coaches. Texas was paying attention when Malzahn labeled the Longhorns as his dream job, and we're extremely confident that he'll be the next person contacted if the first two choices don't work out.

2. John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens Head Coach

Harbaugh is a real wild card in this race, but he's this high on the list for a good reason. The Ravens HC has privately admitted to getting tired of the NFL, and with a Super Bowl win last season he's won all there is to win at the professional level. Harbaugh is very interested in settling down somewhere to build a college dynasty, and the Longhorns are on high alert to the possibility of bringing him to Austin. With the Ravens still chasing a playoff berth, this is a highly sensitive situation, but keep a close eye on Harbaugh if a month goes by and the Longhorns still haven't named a coach.

1. Nick Saban, Alabama Head Coach

At this point, it all comes down to what Saban wants. Texas insiders are extremely confident that they'll land him. Alabama insiders are extremely confident that he'll stay. At this point in time, there are only two or three people who know what the Alabama coach plans to do - Saban, his wife Terry, and maybe his agent. We think he takes the Texas job, but since Saban hasn't called us personally to let us know, we can't say it's a done deal or that this is 100% happening. He's the top choice for Texas, and they're ready to give him a blank check - that's about all anyone knows for sure.


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