Johnny Manziel's Guide To Partying In College Station, Texas

Johnny Manziel is always trying to quench his thirst with a drink in order to prevent dehydration.  Whether in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico or College Station, Texas, Johnny is always doing some drinking... to prevent dehydration, of course.

Johnny Manziel's keys to partying in College Station:

1. Pregame everything. Practice, class, you name it. It's easy to party when you're already drunk.

2. Go to the bar with the cheapest alcohol first.

3. Get the bartenders attention... Oh wait, Johnny Manziel walks in the bar and all eyes are on him.

4. Get drunk.

5. Dance like a man.

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The Best Places To Party At When In College Station:

Corner Bar

Dixie Chicken

Fitzwilly's Bar & Grill

Fox and Hound

Hurricane Harry's

Logan's On Campus

Rebel Draft House

Zapatos Cantina

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There you have it, Johnny Manziel's guide to partying in College Station, Texas.

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