8 Reasons Why Texas Football Will Always Be Better Than Oklahoma Football

We're sure you don't need a primer on the numerous reasons why the Texas Longhorns are better than the Oklahoma Sooners. But, we're here to provide one anyways. Here are 8 Reasons Why Texas Football Will Always Be Better Than Oklahoma Football:

1) Texas 61, Oklahoma 44 in the Red River Shootout


The Sooners have been ranked the preseason top 10 nine times in the last 11 years, but never finished higher than fifth in a postseason poll. Texas has finished in the top 4 three times in the same time frame.

3) Austin actually has things to do. Norman?

4) The Sooners have a weird fluffy horse for a mascot...

We have BEVO.

5) We have our own television network. Do Oklahomans own TVs?

6) Oklahoma fans are a little too in touch with their feelings...


8) Football is synonymous with TEXAS...not Oklahoma

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