7 Ways You Know You Grew Up a Texas Longhorns Fan in the 90's

The Texas Longhorns have made quite an impressive turnaround since their rocky start earlier this season. With the team now bowl eligible and facing one of its toughest opponents in the Big 12 (Baylor, Dec. 7) its great to have some Longhorn nostalgia to keep spirits high. Here's our list of the seven ways you know you grew up a Texas Longhorn fan in the 90s:

7. You remember James Browns' "roll left" against Nebraska


And winning THE inaugural Big 12 Championship

6. Which was shortly followed by the beginning of Mack Brown’s Legacy

5. There was Tom Penders’ basketball revival

4. And the scandal so good they wrote a book about it

3. You remember when the Stadium was named in honor of Darrell K. Royal

2. Also the same year it received its Jumbotron

Not quite the Godzillatron, which came 10 years later, but certainly a nice step

1. It was great watching Ricky Williams do what Ricky Williams does


Like breaking records

These were our seven favorite memories, but we want to hear what you remember most about the Texas Longhorns throughout the '90s! Leave us a comment below with your favorite memories.

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