3 Things Charlie Strong Must Do To Keep His Job

The Texas Longhorns are on the edge of falling out of the bowl scene at 4-6, and it'll take a Herculean effort from head coach Charlie Strong to right the ship and keep his job off the chopping block this offseason. Here's 3 Things Charlie Strong Must Do To Keep His Job.

3. Stop The Rumors Train

We've all heard the rumblings of chaos and upheaval both in the locker room and in the athletic department surrounding Strong. Even if only 20% of those rumors are true, Strong needs to nip all of the dissonance in the bud. He's adept at asserting himself, but he may have to do a little politicking to get back into the good graces of the UT community. It's not ideal for any coach, but sometimes you have to do damage control off the field when the on-the-field product isn't living up to expectations.

2. Get Things Back In Order

The offense has been frustrating and inconsistent. The defense, long thought to be the strength of this 2015 squad, has followed a similar pattern. The Horns' special teams unit has committed gaffe after gaffe. This is a 4-6 team which could have been a 2-8 or 3-9 squad if things hadn't broken their way in certain respects. Strong needs to work double time, fine-tuning all three facets of the game plan with his coordinators so that the team's is humming like a well-oiled machine come next Saturday.

1. Win Out

It's simple, but it won't be easy. The Longhorns will need to somehow upset both Texas Tech and Baylor to end the regular season, securing a bowl berth and washing out some of the bad taste from the team's road woes this year. Beating the Red Raiders at home will be tough enough, but it'd be a monumental mountain climbed if Strong's kids can outduel Baylor in their own house to close the season. However, it's come to this -- for Strong to get another chance, he'll need to prove he deserves it by leading the Horns to a pair of banner wins.

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