3 Reasons Why Charlie Strong Is On The Hot Seat At Texas

The Texas Longhorns hold a record of just 1-2 on the season in head coach Charlie Strong's second year, and after a disappointing 6-7 campaign a year ago, there are starting to be questions about Strong's future with the program. Here are three reasons why he's on the hot seat:

3) Instability in the program

Last year centered around Strong implementing a stricter, no-tolerance conduct policy for the Longhorns, and several key players found themselves either suspended, left, or were kicked off the team entirely. 2015 was the supposed to be the year Strong's was supposed to have the core of his program in place, the Longhorns have already changed their offensive play-caller and have faced continued quarterback questions. The Texas program can't take any steps forward until they have a solid football, and Strong hasn't provided that so far.

2) Worst winning percentage in school history

Strong's overall record of 7-9 is frustrating enough, but it's even more frustrating knowing this is the lowest point the program has ever been at. Only one other head coach, Jack Chevingy (1934-1936), posted a losing record during his time with the Longhorns (13-14-2), but even he has a better winning percentage than Strong. He has to turn things around quickly, because schools don't usually keep the worst coach in program history.

1) Lack of progression on the field

Texas fans may be able to stick out the first two things on this list if the Longhorns were showing progress on the field, but that just hasn't been the case. They rank just 75th in the country in points per game, 92nd in passing yards, 86th in rushing yards, and only 115th on defense. Texas is struggling all over the place, and there doesn't seem to be any hope of it getting any better anytime soon.

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