3 Reasons Why Charlie Strong Is Back On The Hot Seat At Texas

A 24-0 loss to Iowa State is easily the worst loss of Charlie Strong's tenure with the Texas Longhorns. Texas isn't supposed to lose to Iowa State, even if it is a rebuilding year for the Longhorns. Getting shutout makes the game only more embarrassing. Texas was thought to be on the upswing after an upset win over Oklahoma and a win over Kansas State. Instead, all of that hope has been drained after a disastrous effort from the Longhorns. The loss to Iowa State is the type of loss that puts Strong's job back in jeopardy. Here are three reasons why Charlie Strong is back on the hot seat. 

3. Awful Offense 

Texas wasn't even able to move the ball past the Iowa State 47-yard line until its final drive. The offense mustered up just 204 yards, with 77 of those coming on the Longhorns' last drive. Quarterback Jerrod Heard was completely ineffective, both on the ground and in the air. He was benched in favor of Tyrone Swoopes, who wasn't much better. Strong is a considered a defensive coach, but that doesn't excuse the poor offense Texas has. If Strong can't get the Texas offense playing better quickly, he won't be the Texas head coach for much longer. 

2. Bad Losses 

It's one thing for Texas to lose to Notre Dame to start the season; the score was lopsided, but at least Notre Dame is a good team. But losing to Iowa State is unacceptable. That's the kind of loss that costs a head coach his job and that might be the case with Strong. Strong's team has blown games against Cal and Oklahoma State, which doesn't help his job security at all. Unless Strong avoids the bad losses the rest of the season, he'll lose his job. 

1. Risk Of Missing A Bowl Game 

Mack Brown didn't leave Strong much talent, but that doesn't mean Texas should miss a bowl game. However, that's a serious possibility that Texas is facing thanks to its loss to Iowa State. I don't see any scenario in which Texas beats Baylor, which means the Longhorns will have to win out. The Longhorns have games against West Virginia, Kansas and Texas Tech. Kansas should be an easy win, although the same thing was said about Iowa State. That leaves WVU and Texas Tech, both games that Texas can win. However, they'll be tough games and it wouldn't be surprising if Texas was the underdog in both. If Texas can't make it to a bowl game, the patience with Strong might totally evaporate. With no bowl game, there might not be any way in which Texas can keep Strong. 

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