10 Things to Get You Pumped for Longhorn Football

10. Knowing that no matter what time it is, OU still sucks

See for yourself: http://www.ousucks.com/

9. The best mascot there ever was

8. Knowing you get to watch this every fourth quarter


7. Seeing the tower lit up in the most glorious color there ever was

6. The honor of Darrell Royal and the Wishbone Offense

5. Justin Tucker's 40-yard field goal to beat the Aggies


Go ahead... watch it again

4. And how it brought the record to 76-37-5

And it's goodbye to A&M!

3. Chaps

Did I mention they're infinitely better than overalls...

2. Vince Young's touchdown on 4th and 5 to win the Rose Bowl

1. And knowing Mack Brown would tell it again, because this story never gets old


BONUS: Two more reasons to get pumped for Longhorn football

-The possibility that Natalie Portman will come back for another game

-Matthew McConaughey

So get your boots on

And your horns up

Because the Eyes of Texas are upon YOU!


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