BREAKING: Kevin Sumlin's Wife Shares Racists Hate-Mail the Coach Received Calling Him a N**ger

Texas A&M suffered one of the great collapses of all-time in college football Sunday night in Pasadena vs. UCLA, blowing a 44-10 lead, losing to the Bruins 45-44.

Following the collapse, A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin, who is African-American, is on the hot seat in the college football world, seemingly coaching for his job every week. 

Just now, his wife shared a photo on Twitter of racially motivated hate-mail calling the coach a n*gger. Charlene Sumlin, shared the photo while asking "how any of you think this is ok." She followed up with a chilling question to the sender "did it occur to you that a child may open it?" Sumlin has 4 young kids living with him.

The sender of the hate-mail ended the letter demanding Sumlin "get lost" followed by a threat of "or else." The return mailing address simply was listed as "Houston Country Club."

See the chilling racist threatening hate-mail below:

As expected, the college football community quickly came out in support of Sumlin and his family:

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