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Sofia Shapatava on coronavirus financial crisis: “If 50% of tennis players quit because of this, I don’t think tennis will survive.”

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A number of players and coaches have been talking about the issue of lower-ranked players finding it hard to survive during this zero-income coronavirus phase, while the continuation of their tennis careers is also a big question. Among the most vocal players on the topic is singles world No.375 Sofia Shapatava of Georgia, who explains the struggles she’s currently facing and how she’ll have a hard time resuming her career when the pandemic is finally over.

From the confinement of her four-bedroom Tbilisi apartment which she shares with her parents, Sofia explained to CNN the long-known drastic disparity between the sport’s high performers and the rest, which has now only been accentuated with this COVID-19 pandemic:

Top 50 players in both the men’s and women’s rankings are 100 people … but there are 3,000 players, men and women combined, in the ranking.