Do All Tennis Sportsbooks Participate in GamStop?

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world.  About 1.17% of the global population plays tennis, which means about 87 million people play tennis, worldwide. This fact is also reflected in Google Trends Data, where Tennis appears as one of the most-watched sports on television. Tennis betting is extremely popular amongst the bettors. The tournaments are arranged in such a way that a match is being played every other day.  These events take place around the world in different countries, spanning a number of time zones.  England, Australia, France, and the US are some of the countries where Tennis is extremely popular.

The Tennis punters place bets on these Tennis matches for trying their luck in winning. The thrill of winning in gambling can be addictive due to uncontrolled gambling habits for compulsive gamblers.  GamStop, functional in the UK, is an important tool in regulating the excessive gambling activities of players, by allowing them to exclude themselves from getting involved in online gambling for a definite period of time. It is a gambling blocking software, where the gamblers can register themselves and select from a number of periods of self-exclusion, ranging from 6 months to 5 years. During this period the gambler is not allowed to access the online gambling sites and the player has to wait for the gambling period to be over. After the end of the self-exclusion period, the punter can once again join the gambling site for gambling. 

Should all Tennis sportsbooks register on GamStop?

GamStop is a progressive step toward responsible gambling as the players are offered an option for self-exclusion from online gambling sites, registered with GamStop. All the tennis sportsbooks will have to sign up at GamStop before beginning to play at the online tennis gambling sites. All of the licensed sportsbooks under the purview of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) are bound to link up with the Gamstop scheme. 

However, there are still many non GamStop sportsbooks available and players use them via NonGamStopBets or similar platforms because usually, they have better offers. GamStop is effective in monitoring and regulating the ill effects of compulsive gambling. The usual modes of payment are via cryptocurrency or by using credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, e-wallets, etc. 


What is a Sportsbook in Gambling?

A sportsbook is an entity or a person who is accountable for accepting bets from punters. A gambler can place a wager on different types of sports such as Basketball, Football, Tennis, Golf, Boxing, Horse Racing, etc. The size of the global sports betting industry is huge, about 48.4% of the sports betting sector is shared by Football and about 5% of the sector is shared by Tennis, according to the GB Gambling Industry Statistics. 

Sportsbook Registered on GamStop

Most of the licensed sports betting sites in the UK are registered on the GamStop. It is almost mandatory to participate in the program if a company wants to be promoted in a popular sports event in the United Kingdom. Some of these are Betway, FansBet, 888 Sport, etc. However, gamblers can bypass the GamStop registered sites by playing in the brick and mortar casinos or other offshore casinos according to their convenience.

What are the different ways of placing bets on Tennis?

Bets can be placed on Tennis in various ways. These are discussed below:

Game Spread: Wagering on games is being done, that is the gambler will place a bet on games in a Tennis match between two Tennis players.

Set Spread: This is very similar to Game Spread, the difference is that the bet is placed on the sets instead of games in a Tennis match. 

Over or Under: Here, the bet is placed on the number of games that are being played in a match. This means that the gambler who will be able to correctly predict the number of games the match will last will get the opportunity to win the bet.

Moneyline: Here, betting is done on a particular player, usually the one with the better odds to win. This is chosen by a punter by studying extensively and keeping a track of the sports record of the player.

Futures Betting: Futures Betting involves placing bets on a Tennis match that is going to be held in the near future.

Props: Here, wagering is done on the tennis props, like on the exact score in a match or on the possibility of a Tie-break.

Live Betting: Live Betting is one of the most exciting formats, where one can place bets while the match is being played, that is why it is also known as real-time betting.

GamStop is proven effective in curbing the compulsive gambling activities of the punters. The players have the option to dissociate themselves from engaging in gambling activities for a certain period of time. This is highly encouraged by many professional tennis players as a good trend in today's sports culture. 

GamStop is linked with most of the online sports gambling sites in the UK, encompassing major sports like football, tennis, etc.  Hence, tennis gambling enthusiasts and sportsbooks can safely place bets, with the assurance of not over-indulging themselves in gambling, offered by GamStop, while enjoying the excitement of sports gambling.

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