Venus Williams and the Best Grunters in Wimbledon history


For Tennis fans all over the world, yesterday was a saddening day because Venus Williams was ousted from Wimbledon in the first round.

This is in no way sad because of her playing ability, it is sad because we lose out on all the laughs we get from listening to ger grunt and howel every time she hits the ball. Additionally, for all those tennis fans looking for a good laugh, the WTA is also cracking down on tennis players and their loud screeching during play. BOO!

In memoriam of the lost comedic sporting television she provides, we have compiled video compilation of the best grunters and shriekers in Wimbledon history. Enjoy this list, and laugh at how silly tennis players are.


Grunts on Good Morning America


Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova


Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka


Andy Roddick in a Very Funny Tennis Rally


Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova as chipmunks


Victoria Azarenka moaning up a storm


Loudest screamer in Wimbledon history?


Funny Tennis parody from Curb Your Enthusiasm


We could not help but add this one....

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