4 Tips on Avoiding Common Tennis Injuries

The best way to avoid undue stress is by finding a hobby. When looking for a hobby, you need to think about what you are passionate about. If you love getting outside and competing, then tennis may be a great option for you. There are tons of adult tennis leagues out there that would love to have some new members. While this sport can be a lot of fun, there are some dangers you need to be aware of. Overexerting your body in this sport can lead to a host of injuries. Things like ankle sprains and tennis elbow are quite common in this type of sport. There are a number of things you can do to keep yourself healthy while participating in tennis matches. Taking the time to read the TR Central Guide to lateral epicondylitis will help you alter your playing style to avoid injuries along the way. Here are some of the things you can do to avoid common tennis injuries. 

1. You Need the Right Gear
One of the first things you need to do when trying to get back into playing tennis is invest in the right gear. In order to avoid ankle injuries during a tennis match, you will need a pair of high-quality tennis shoes. You should also focus on the types of socks you are wearing. If you are unable to find a pair of tennis socks, then you need to wear two pairs of regular socks. This will allow you to get the extra padding you need to stay comfortable when running around on the tennis court. Testing out a few racquets is also important. You need to make sure the racquet you choose has bot the right type of grip and string tension. If you are unsure about what you need, consulting with a professional in the tennis world is a fantastic idea. 

2. Your Technique is an Important Thing to Focus On
Once you have purchased the right equipment for your new hobby, you need to evaluate the technique you are using during a match. If you are arching your back too much while serving, it is only a matter of time before you pull something. You also need to work on properly balancing your upper body when running and hitting. If you bend your knees too much, you may tear a ligament. Be sure to avoid landing on the balls of your feet when jumping due to the excruciating ankle injuries this can cause. Having a professional evaluate your technique is a great way to figure out what needs to be changed. 

3. Be Sure to Warm Up
The biggest mistake that most newcomers to the world of tennis make is failing to warm up before hitting the court. If you do not take the time to adequately stretch before a match, it is only a matter of time before you injure yourself. Stretching out your legs and arms will also help you from cramping up during a match. While it will take some time to do this type of warming up, it will be more than worth it in the long run when you are able to remain healthy. 

4. You Have to Take Breaks
While playing tennis is a lot of fun, you will have to know when to take a break. Trying to overexert yourself on a consistent basis is a recipe for disaster. Without an adequate break, your body will usually get damaged. While playing tennis, you should also focus on staying well-hydrated. Neglecting to drink enough water during this grueling physical activity can cause your body to become dehydrated. This can lead to you passing out and a number of other negative consequences. 
Knowing all of the risks before playing tennis is important. Seeking out the guidance of a person in the sports medicine field can help you greatly. 

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