Tennessee football coaching rumors: Will Jon Gruden be offered 6 year, $36 million deal

11/29/12 2:45pm ET

Will Jon Gruden be offered 6 year, $36 million deal to become the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers? Rumors are reaching a fever pitch that Browns owner Jim Haslam and his brother, Tennessee Governor Jim Haslam, have had initial back-channel conversations with someone close to Gruden.

Sources are claiming that Gruden had initially rejected the discussions at all, but became open to listening when learning of the $6M guaranteed contract that also came with plenty of perks like a private jet for recruiting, a $3M annual assistant budget (which is HUGE) and assurances that the Vols would stay ahead of the "college football arms race" in terms of facilities.

The Haslam brothers, through a back-channel source, as ready to write Gruden a blank check to do whatever it takes to get Tennessee back to the top of the SEC East, and presumably, the BCS Championship game.

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