Tennessee Volunteers Player News: QB Tyler Bray Taking A Chance With Chiefs

For Tennessee Volunteers Quarterback Tyler Bray, every rookie deserves a chance to prove himself. And speaking for himself, he believes he has a lot more than the others out there. The former QB of the team left school earlier with high hopes that he can be chosen for the draft. However, each team just passed on him through the seven long rounds of the pick. He ended up signing for Kansas City serving as undrafted free agent.

He was last seen during the rookie minicamp of the Chiefs that ended last Sunday.

The former quarterback of the Vols certainly was able to bring in high numbers being a Vols starter but still in doubt of his maturity along with some minor incidents off field which caused his status to drop.

However it cannot be denied that he still holds the record for having one of the biggest arms of the rookies that are all set to come in the scene soon; all the while the Chiefs taking their hopes high that Bray can compete well for some backup endeavor.

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