Tennessee Football Coaching Rumors: Does QB Tyler Bray Stay if Jon Gruden is the New Coach?


Tennessee QB Tyler Bray, a junior, was at one point considered a legit NFL prospect, but this past season has done very little to help support is status as an elite QB prospect. While Bray threw for 3,612 passing yards and 34 touchdowns to just 12 interceptions he was only able to lift his team to just 5 wins. Yes, most of their losses were to legit ranked teams, but if you really want to consider him elite he would need at least one signature win on the season, which he does not have.

The real x-factor that may contribute to Bray leaving for the pro's is whether or not Jon Gruden becomes the next head coach for the Vols. Gruden is considered the top pick for the Tennessee program, but it is unclear whether or not he will take the potential offer.

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If Gruden does join the Vols coaching staff, expect Bray to stay for his senior season at Tennessee. Gruden brings too much experience and prestige for Bray to pass up. Bray could learn a lot from Gruden, who could potentially turn him to an even more legit QB prospect in next years draft.

On the other end of the spectrum, Bray may leave for the draft because their is considered a shortage of QB's in this years draft. If Bray feels that their is a need for him in the top 3-5 rounds expect Bray to jump ship.

But we will know for sure in the next few weeks once the Vols secure the next head coach. If Gruden arrives in Knoxville, expect Bray to stay.

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