Randy Moss Rumors and Humors

Randy Moss, one of the most prolific wide receivers of our generation, is currently a free-agent and nobody is talking about him. Moss, in his 13 NFL seasons. has nearly 1000 receptions and nearly 15,000 total receiving yards. According to my inside sources, Moss is getting looks from the Jets, Patriots (Yes, they might be willing to take a second chance on him) and Bengals. All three of these teams need a veteran wide receiver with the ability to make spectacular plays. At a first glace, Moss seems like a must have for any team this off season. BUT Moss has several flaws that make him an extremely risky pick for any time this offseason.

If you are crossing you fingers, hoping that Moss will show up on your favorite teams roster this year, here are a few things to contemplate first.

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1 - Randy is getting old (he is 34 now).  Moss has lots of experience in many different offenses, and will bring a veteran presence to any locker room.  But, does moss still have the gas to help his next team win games?

a) Moss's agent Joel Segal is in "freakish shape" and is "working out, two-a-days, all spring and summer in West Virginia."  So maybe Moss does have some gas left in the tank...

Best Moss highlight of 2010

2 - Randy Moss has NEVER won a super bowl.  Randy has been on some pretty stellar Vikings teams and arguably the best Patriots roster ever in 2007, yet Moss has never hoisted the Lombardi Trophy.  Frankly, he is not clutch and just cant handle big games, hence no super bowls.

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3 - Is Randy Moss a distraction to the team?  Like his counter parts, Terrell Ownes and Chad Ochocinco (Johnson?), Moss has a tendency for the dramatics.  Moss like Owens and Ochocinco loves the spotlight and demands all eyes on him.  This type of personality often segregates a locker room or at the very least is a distraction to his teammates both on and of the field.    Below are a few of Randy's most notable antics.

Without a doubt there are many risks to acquiring Randy Moss this offseason. Moss has the potential to bring incendiary speed, veteran poise and an unmatched playmaking ability to any teams roster. But Moss has clearly had a history of losing big games, and can be an unnecessary distraction. So please let me know what you think, would you want Randy Moss on your teams roster this season?

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