Pacman Jones, Vince Young and LenDale White walk into a bar....

Vince Young is bankrupt.

According to the callers of a Nashville sports radio show called 3 Hour Lunch, it seems that during the era of Pacman Jones, Vince Young and LenDale White playing for the Titans, Nashville chain restaurants were subject to the some of the most ridiculous, free spending in modern history.

You can listen to the entire 19 minute segment of waiters and bartenders calling in sharing the experience of dealing with the former Titans stars here: Vince, LenDale and Pacman spending habits


Dani,  college student in 2007, claims that Vince Young bought 120 of the 130 seats on a Southwest flight from Nashville to Houston so no one else would be able to fly on the flight with him. Also, after the flight, Vince paid a kid $300 to carry his bags to his car.

James, a former waiter and bartender at TGI Fridays on Nashville's west end, claims that his former restaurant was hangout central for young Titans players. Vince Young, LenDale White and Pacman Jones would be at the restaurant very frequently.

Weekly, Young would treat the entire offense to dinner, including LenDale White drinking a bottle and 1/w of Patron during the sitting.

James also claims Vince was particular to the drink "Melon ball" a reported "girlie drink." A melon ball is pineapple juice and Malibu rum.

LenDale White LOVES chicken wings. "He would go to town on chicken wings. I have never seen anything  like it in my life."

Brandon, the bar manager at the TGI Friday's during this time says of the group: "Everything James says is true. Patron is like 10 bucks a shot, he said. "They used come in all the time and get hammered, I mean hammered dude. Their used to be some of the skankiest chicks that would come up their and meet them, I mean nasty looking girls.

Brandon continued, "I'm telling you, these girls were some of the nastiest chicks I have ever seen hanging out with NFL players. In Cool Springs one time, LenDale White came in with like 20 people and they brought their own liquor. We had to kick him out becuase he brought in his own Patron. They were passing the bottle around.

They didn't sneak it in. They were passing it around. We had to kick them out."

"I don't know where that $26 million went, but I can guarantee you but several, if not a few hundred thousand dollars went to TGI Fridays."

Ryan then called in: "I used to work at the Cheescake Factory. You remember when they went on that streak, yeah in 2006. No matter where they went in the country, this was their hangout. (Vince), LenDale, Pacman would come in. The menu is at least 20 pages and these guys would order 2 things from each page. Their bill was a least $4,000, and one guy picked up the tab every time and Vince Young would tip very well."

"I can see why the guys is broke. He was getting the tab every time."

JC, who worked at a nightclub, called in next: "I know LenDale personally. Every Thursday, we would have our own little booth. (LenDale) would sit there, he would buy Patron, and buy shots all night long. Hpw ever many shots you could fit on a tray, tha'ts how many he would do. But, he would buy every body else shots too."

"He'd come in with a white t shirt, talking smack. Overall, he was a cool guy. He was sitting there, eating chicken wings and smoking black and milds."

Turbo, a friend of Vince, called in next: "I had a couple opportunities to hang out with Pac, LenDale and Vince and I remember one time Pac went down to Atlanta and we was in the strip club, so I was in the strip club with him. Nelly was in the club with us at the time. I remember, they have these things called cubes, which is a stack of 1'sin a cube and it's ten thousand dollars. Pac would peel off a stack of a thousand dollars and he would just throw it up. But, he was competing with Nelly. Every time Nelly get a cube, Pac got more cubes. They was just competing back and forth. These people are sitting here throwing my salary in the air in two minutes.

On going to Dave and Buster's with Vince Young: "It was Me, Vince, LenDale, Pac, all them, whatever. Vince and them ok'd the girls to come over. We were at the bowling alley. They were so faded that they were throwing the ball into the lane next to their lane they were so faded. (laughs) They were not caring whatsoever. At the time, Vince was the rookie so they made him pay for it all!"

"They didn't care about the money, it was like water to them."

Clint from Nashville then chimed in: "LenDale White walks in. He was there ten minutes, ordered two things of wings, two things of nachos and 75 shots of Patron. He gets the tab, $1,500, pays is and leaves. He was there maybe 30 minutes."

None of the players mentioned are currently playing for the Titans.

Damn shame.

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