2 Trades The Tampa Bay Rays Could Make At The Trade Deadline

We're less than three weeks away from the 2015 MLB trade deadline, which means there are plenty of rumors swirling around the Tampa Bay Rays and what they might do on the trade market. Here are two trades they could make by the deadline:

Trade prospects to Padres for Justin Upton

The Rays aren't likely to be very active at the trade deadline, but they could make a splash by dealing for Justin Upton. ESPN's Jason Martinez details Tampa's interest in the outfielder:

“Like the Pirates, the Rays aren’t usually big on trading top prospects to help the big league club down the stretch. But with an obvious need for a middle-of-the-order bat and an abundance of middle-infield talent throughout the minors (Daniel Robertson, Willy Adames, Adrian Rondon), the Rays could put together an intriguing package for Upton’s last few months before hitting free agency.”

Trade prospects to Phillies for Ryan Howard

Philadelphia has been adamant about wanting to get rid of Howard, and has also said they'd pick up the large majority of the $48 million he's owed through 2016. The Rays have been looking for a DH, and if they only need to pay him something in the $5 million range, this is a deal that makes a lot of sense.

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