Is Stamkos the Best of the Best?

Steven Stamkos is only 21 years old, but he is already entering his fourth season at the NHL level. Making an NHL team as a 18 year old is extremely rare, but dominating as a 19 year old is something else entirely.

Stammer has improved significantly over the course of his three years playing with the big boys, but the scary thing is; he can still be better. World class talent? Check. Determination to get better? Check. Best player in the NHL? Check. Stamkos is not only among the elite, but in my opinion, he tops the elite. Better than Ovechkin. Better than Malkin. Better than Crosby? Maybe not yet, but Stamkos is definitely the best "active" player.

I'm not trying to plug anything, but check out Steven Stamkos Road to Boom on YouTube.

It's just so cool. In the words of Brian Wilson, "You're welcome."

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