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The one in which I get (over)emotional about Adam Wainwright

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I have been thinking a lot about Adam Wainwright lately — you know, as one does. At 42 years old and after 18 seasons and 19 years in the majors, he is calling it quits. Hanging up the cleats. Riding off into the sunset. He’s retiring, is what I am getting at. And he will do it with at least 200 wins.

It’s quite a remarkable accomplishment. In all of baseball history, there are only 122 pitchers that can claim that achievement. Even fewer if you look at recent seasons. Since Waino’s career began in 2005, only five other pitchers have amassed at least 200 wins: Justin Verlander (255), Zack Greinke (216), Max Scherzer (214), Clayton Kershaw (209), and Jon Lester (200).