Cardinals Rumors: Troy Tulowitzki trade talks, "impossible" deal?

In today's Cardinals rumors and news update, Colorado Rockies All-Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki heard the rumblings all winter about a potential trade to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Per Derrick Gould of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Tulo even contacted his old friend Matt Holliday about the possibility of a move to the Midwest.

“There is no doubt I heard the rumors,” stated Tulowitzki, who was the starting shortstop for Cards manager Mike Matheny's NL All-Star squad on Tuesday. “There’s no doubt I talked to him about it. Until the team makes a move, I’m on the Rockies and I have to do everything I possibly can (for them).”

According to Gould, "the Cardinals have tried a few times to engage the Rockies in trade talks but found a deal impossible to strike." The Rockies asked for some of the Cardinals' top position players in return, making a potential deal untenable.

However, the rumors continue to persist. Tulowitzki understands the nature of the business and such speculation, but just requests for such a life-changing move to take place during the offseason.

“At the halfway point, you look back and one thing that I do remember is the teams that I played on when we were winning and not matter how my year was I had so much more fun,” Tulowitzki stated. “You want to enjoy what you’re doing, and if that’s winning then it needs to happen."

"If (the Rockies) feel they have to go a different direction and get younger and feel like they can get something for me and that’s the way the organization is headed, then they’re going to have to sit me down to talk about that.”


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