Blues Walking A Tightrope

They keep winning games, but watching the Blues try to score goals is like pulling teeth at the dentist's office.

Shot after shot on goal, and many more that completely miss the net. The Blues have won back-to-back games 1-0 and there's no denying they have stellar defense and goaltending.

However, they'll have to learn how to bury some goals, if they want to have success in the playoffs and the tough stretch of road games they have in the last 2 months of the season.

As a die-hard Blues fan, I'm ecstatic that they just keep rolling, but it's frustrating to watch them squander countless scoring chances that many other teams would bury in the back of the net nine out of ten times.

Of course a lot of credit goes to some stellar goaltending by Dallas' Kari Lehtonen and Edmonton's Nikolai Khabibulin. But the Blues seem to lack that one extra push to score the goal. It's like they've walked to the alter at their own wedding and can't figure out how to say "I Do".

But as we head into the most critical time of the season, its important to finish strong and win some games in convincing fashion. It's tough to expect them to continue to be escape-artists and squeak through every game by a single goal.

Most importantly, they need to find a way to score more goals to give themselves a break occasionally. Yes, these tight "tough as nails" games will help them in playoff games, but at the same time, they should learn how to put teams away instead of letting them hang around. Those are some of the most dangerous teams because one unlucky bounce could tie a game in the blink of an eye.


Don't get me wrong, the Blues are playing well in nearly every aspect of the game, and they're doing all the right things it takes to win games. All I'm saying is, let the fans enjoy the game every once in a while. Let them get comfortable in their seat instead of sitting at the edge. It will also take some pressure off yourself and your goaltenders.

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