What Is Double Chance Betting From M88 expert?

Double Chance is a popular football bet. In the process of playing online football betting there are many different types of bets but many people still choose Double Chance (DC). Heard the name alone, it makes sense, right? Will this bet really bring you as many victories as its name suggests? Find out in the article below of BET88 to get more information and bet with confidence.

What is Double Chance (DC) betting?
This is a bet that the player participates in placing a bet on 2 of the 3 possible matches of WIN - TIE - LOSE (1 × 2). If either of the above two options occurs, the player will win the bet. Double Chance betting only takes place during 2 official rounds, plus overtime. Extra time or 11m penalty shootout will not count when play at M88 bookmaker.

Double Chance betting M88 options:
Types of betting on Double Chance betting include:

- 1X: Host win or draw

- 12: choose the home or away team to win

- x2: if a tie or away team wins

If the match takes place in neutral ground. The team ranked first is considered the host.

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Example: Player chooses a 1X bet, the result is that the home team wins or draws and you win. You choose bet 12, if 1 of the away team and home team win by the end then you win.

If you choose X2 bet, the result is a tie or the away team wins then you win. If the home team wins you lose. Therefore, with this form of betting, it is easier to predict a player's outcome than any other bet in the online betting market. To play the Double Chance, a player only needs to select a match and then place a bet and bet that the player sees a high chance of winning.

Exactly how to calculate Double Chance:
Double Chance betting is quite similar to European football handicap betting. The only difference is that this bet is placed with 2 selections, the odds of winning are also higher. So how will the odds of this bet be calculated?

- 1X bets have a similar calculation to the formula: 1 / (1 / odds + 1 / odds)

- Like bet 12, the calculation is done using the following formula: 1 / (1 / odds 1 + 1 / odds 2).

For a faster calculation, you can count on the following pairs of events:

- 1X with 2 - is a full event pair

- 12 with X - is a complete pair of events

- X2 with 1 - is a complete pair of events

With these events if the full range is the opposite odds. Usually will depend on the dealer. After subtracting the respective odds.

Example 1: If MU vs Man City is a pair and Tie is 1.72. The odds are different.

- X and 12 are a pair, the odds are 1.10 and 0.85

- 2 and 1X are a pair, the respective odds are 4.0 and 0.53

Example 2: Brazil and Mexico or Draw 1.72 are a pair, the respective house odds will vary widely.

- X and 12 are a pair, the odds are 2.20 and 1.61 respectively.

- 2 and 1x are a pair, the odds are 8.0 and 1.062 respectively.

For the best choice when participating in Double Chance betting, refer to the most accurate predictions of the outcome and odds between teams on betting M88.

Double Chance bet type betting is chosen by many players. This bet has the very highest odds of winning especially with 2 team matches where there is a difference in force and performance. Therefore, the double chance bet is very suitable for new players who do not have much experience in betting. This bet from M88 gives you enormous chances to win money. BET88 good luck to you!

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