The Top 8 Careers in Sports

Many people get discouraged from venturing into sports if they feel that they do not have the talent. But that should not be the case; you can still make a difference in the sport that you love without becoming an athlete.

For instance, consider what sports journalists do. They pour their passion for the sport into their tabloids. Some even use a write essays for money to give the fans timely and accurate sports news. That is a rewarding sports career that puts you as close to the game as possible.

8 Exciting Careers for Sports Enthusiasts
Apart from journalism, you can find other lucrative careers in sports. Statistics have shown that there are over 6 million careers in sports. However, every role has a different attraction and entry requirements. But you can focus on high-paying career paths that suit your preferences.

Here are some of the top careers in sports.

General Management
Managerial skills are helpful in everyday life, and the same goes for sports. A general manager has to exhibit strong leadership qualities and organizational skills. You may associate general management with talent management and other administrative responsibilities.

General managers oversee the daily activities of a sports club. They work with the scouting team to track recruitment. They also handle the daily operations of the franchise.

Over the past few years, sports management has grown by 7%, with over 2 million jobs available. The openings for general managers keep increasing as more sports franchises pop up every day.

Statistics and Analytics
If you are a statistician or data analyst, your services are in high demand in the modern sports world.

But what do statisticians do in sports?

Sports like baseball are data-intensive because of the fine margins that lead to victory. And with the success of the Moneyball theory, other sports now focus on analytics.

These experts analyze data that help in improving the performance of athletes. They can also work in a club or regulatory body's financial department. Analysts track and analyze trends to improve revenue.

In 2018, there were 47,300 jobs in the statistics department of sports. The annual salary for statisticians in sports as of 2018 was over $92,000.

Content Creation/eSports Journalism
If you thought you had no business in sports as a content creator, think again. Starting a career in esports is easy if you know your way around it. With the rise of DSPs like Twitch, the demand for content creators is growing.

Content creators in esports deliver the latest news in the gaming industry. Most of these streamers are pro gamers, like KURT0411, with a massive YouTube following.

Esports journalists also cover gaming events and report on the best stories within the community. The top journalists also get the chance to attend E3 events annually.

To be clear, esports journalism is different from traditional sports journalism. As an online journalist, you work with content creators (gamers, streamers, etc.). But sports journalists could be columnists or sideline reporters.

If you are familiar with sports and sports movies, you must have heard of agents. These people serve as representatives and intermediaries between sports franchises and potential partners — brands, athletes, and sponsors.

But you can't just become an agent on a whim. You need to follow a systematic plan to become a certified representative. The high salary might be a factor, but this learning process familiarizes you with the inner workings of the market.

Besides, athletes are often unable to negotiate good deals for themselves. And in these cases, agents can pick up the mantle by helping out with financial bargains.

A marketer is a vital link in sports finances. They promote the players, clubs, leagues, and entire competitions to attract investors.

However, promoting an entire sporting brand is one part of a marketer's job. These experts also analyze the market and create strategies based on their analyses. And sporting brands leverage their recommendations to set prices for their products and services.

The average salary of a sports marketer may exceed $100,000 yearly. To qualify for sports marketer roles, you need a master's degree in business administration.

Sports Photography
If you are a fan of photography and sports, you can combine both passions into one career. We often come across phenomenal sports pictures that make history.

A photographer's job is to capture these critical game moments on camera. And to that effect, you need to familiarize yourself with the game and learn how to anticipate those memorable moments.

However, sports photography is not the highest-paying job on the list, but it still puts you at the front of the action. You may also need a degree in photography to qualify for this role.

Besides, you could sell your images on Getty Images and other stock photography sites and earn from purchases.

We know these guys; they are the ones that provide the play-by-play. Commentators never miss a single moment of the game because they tell us everything that happens.

Most commentators have never played the game at a high level. Others started off as sports journalists or sideline reporters. Only on a few occasions will you see pro athletes like Tony Romo providing 'color' commentary during a game.

Getting to the top in this career is challenging because of the high demand for professionalism and composure. Besides, you need a degree in broadcasting to qualify for this job.

The average pay is from $40,000 to $70,000 yearly.

Public Relations
A public relations specialist curates the image of athletes and sports teams. They handle scandals and craft public statements during controversies. Sometimes, PR specialists handle the athletes' social media accounts.

To become a PR specialist, you need strong communication skills and an understanding of the ever-critical public eye. You might also need a degree in marketing, public relations, and advertising to land this role.

The annual salary starts from $60,000.

Final Thoughts
Sports provide career opportunities for everyone, regardless of their athleticism and fitness levels. You can make a career in your favorite sports without ever attending a training session.

The careers discussed in this article are some of the best in the sporting world. Many of them are as lucrative as they are fulfilling. Find what works for you and build a successful career from it.

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