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Behind Guinevere’s gamble on New Zealand esports

Los Angeles. Berlin. Seoul.

Certain places are synonymous with esports, acting either as event hotspots or business hubs that are home to some of the largest companies in the field. But while the US, Germany, and South Korea might be frequently associated with the burgeoning growth of esports, New Zealand has never been recognised as the epicentre of the industry.

And there’s plenty of reasons why. Geographically isolated and with a national population that’s eight times smaller than the state of California, the country was never likely to be an esports frontrunner. That’s why, when a huge series of announcements from Oceanic esports organisation Dire Wolves and investment and advisory firm Guinevere Capital recently culminated in the reveal of a new esports facility at Eden Park, the news was not just eye-catching—for Auckland locals, it promises to be truly groundbreaking.