NBA vs. NFL Betting: Which Sport Should You Bet On?

The NBA is better for overall betting, while the NFL is superior where US bookmakers’ betting window is concerned. This article discusses the basics of NFL and NBA betting and their similarities and differences. Hopefully, it will leave you with more knowledge about which to choose. 

Betting Action
The NFL gets more action per game. These teams play more rarely than NBA teams: once a week compared to at least three games per week. NFL games also attract more betting volume and feel like special events.

The difference is less prominent in terms of the season as a whole. Again, the NFL sees more sports betting action, but the NBA gets its fair share too.

Take the range of bet types you can make and the state into account. For example, NFL bets definitely attract more volume at NY sportsbooks.

Types of Bets
When you consider the kinds of wagers you can place, the sports are very similar. You can bet on the overall result, point spread, and moneyline. Futures bets, prop bets, and live bets are possible for both too.

The NFL tends to have a more active futures market overall. It’s a matter of personal choice. Some people prefer the NBA for live betting because it’s more dynamic in terms of scoring.

Best Bets
Gamblers seem keenest on totals and point spreads. These bets work the same for football and basketball with some variation of the factors.

You have more time to prepare for NFL bets because these point spreads become available almost a week before the game starts. However, the probability of the numbers moving around as bets come in is higher too. On the other hand, NBA spreads are released the night before the game or even on the same day. You have less time to prepare, but the risk of adjustment is lower.

The time between games makes a difference from a handicapping perspective. NBA teams have less time to relax between games and travel more overall, but there are far fewer injuries to reckon with.

Cash Flow
Cash flow on a specific game or public betting is another variable. This information can be helpful, and you can access it at several sites, which track it in percentage form. There’s more time to place a bet on NFL games because they occur less often. There is also more time to build consensus.

A peculiarity regarding the NBA involves inexplicable and unexpected movements in the lines and odds. This can show the direction in which the money is flowing.

Should you bet against the public or go with the flow? There’s no easy answer. Each game is different and unique in itself.

Generally, less experienced punters tend to bet on the over and the favorites, so consider that while examining public betting statistics. If research has led you to think that the underdog will perform better, don’t be afraid to put your money there.

Potential Profit
Your profit will be pretty much the same no matter what you bet on if you only make casual bets now and then. If you’re a volume bettor, the NBA has a few slates to choose from every week and more games throughout the season. Your potential profit is higher if you choose the NBA. The type of bet and how much you wager per game matter as well.

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