Live Or Pre-Match: Which Bets Are More Popular

The popularity of live sports betting, as opposed to pre-match, is growing every year. Bookmakers come up with all sorts of tricks to make the game more comfortable: infographics, live trackers, one-click betting and so on. Let's look at the features, pros and cons of the two options for playing.

Initially, fans of gambling could make bets only before the event, there was no live line yet. What is better than pre-match?

Big choice of sports
In the pre-match you can find even the most unique sports disciplines. Volleyball betting Vulkan Bet has a wide range of variations.

Simplified analysis
You can find a lot of useful information to help you predict an outcome with a high probability of winning. To do so:
- read predictions;
- study information on social networks;
- find out the coach's motives and the players' attitude.

Measured game
Not every player can handle the pressure in Live, because things change all the time. In pre-match, there is no such tension. You just have to make your choice and wait for the game to end.

More strategies
Beginners do not usually have their own tactics, so they start borrowing strategies from the more experienced players. There are hundreds of interesting strategies that can be found on the internet, but most involve playing the game before the event starts.   

Live betting is a better bet for low-key, more experienced players. Let us analyze the advantages of live betting.

Catch a moment
We have already mentioned that the home line is analyzed by a team of professionals. In live betting it is a little bit different. Usually there is a person who follows the players' money.

Odds depend on the influx of funds
In fact, the in-play analyst may make a mistake and give very favorable odds to the player for a while. Professional bettors know how to catch such moments and bypass the bookmaker by betting on time.

Wide betting coverage
For tennis, more events will be available in live betting. Basketball and ice hockey betting is easier to play in live, as the sport is very dynamic. The same can be said for badminton and other sports.

Overlapping bets
If you bet long before the start of the match, but in the course of the game you see that you have picked the wrong winner, you can change your mind. You can also bet a bigger amount on the new favorite, overlapping the previous bet.

False bets are much more common in live betting. For instance, in pre-match you bet on a team to win, but in live betting you can bet on the opposite side, the handicap or the totals.

Fast earning possibilities
You do not have to wait long for the profit, make a bet. The event is over - you win. In home betting, the odds are often more favorable long before the match. Sometimes you have to wait several weeks to find out the outcome.

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