The Influence Of Sports In Online Casinos

Sports have always been a big deal in the USA and around the world. For the billions who follow soccer globally and the popularity of games such as basketball, tennis and baseball, sports play an important role in our society. The key role they play naturally means that sports also make their presence known in other things we enjoy.

A great example of this is how they have influenced the online casino sector. The global online gambling sector is growing rapidly, with a revenue of over $100 billion forecast by 2025. Play at online casino sites is a major part of this, owing to its suitability for mobile gaming and the wide range of fun games to enjoy. This is a sector set to grow within America, due to the changing attitudes and regulations around playing online casino games in many states.

It therefore makes sense that these two big areas within daily life have met one another and caused sports to influence what happens in online casinos. The main effect can be seen in the games that internet casinos carry. Slot games are a great example of this, and most online casinos have a wide range of sports-themed online slots to try out.

But which sports does this typically cover?

As we have noted above, soccer is a very popular sport and one that is gaining more traction within America. This popularity has seen it influence more casinos to include soccer-themed slots on their platform to tempt fans. The Football Star slot from Microgaming is a great example – (demo the Football Star slot here) to give it a go. Microgaming always produces top-notch games and this is no exception, with gorgeous graphics and suitably raucous sound FX. With cool, in-game features such as red cards, referees and goalkeepers, it is fun to play. There are also 243 ways to win, so you may just make some money.

Basketball is a huge sport and has around 825 million fans who love anything to do with the game. This has seen it become a sport that slot developers are keen to base titles on and which casinos are keen to include to tempt players with. Of the online slots that use this theme, Basketbull by Realtime Gaming (demo) is arguably the most exciting. It takes players back to the time when the Chicago Bulls ruled the sport but features cool animal symbols rather than tiles showing human players. This gives it a quirky feel and offers a fresh take on the theme. The Bull player symbol is the wild card and pays out the highest amount for winning line combinations. This slot also has a progressive jackpot that is randomly triggered for big rewards.

Starring legends such as John McEnroe and Serena Williams, tennis is another huge sport and has affected what happens in online casinos. As it has grown in popularity with the public, it has become a sport that has influenced the type of slot games casinos will carry. Centre Court by Microgaming (demo) is a great example of this and offers players all the fun of the real game. While a little unassuming in terms of graphics, the clean layout and thrilling gameplay make up for this. The Free Spins feature is very good, with up to 18 being on offer, and a five-times multiplier on any you win with.

Of the four big sports in America, baseball can sometimes be forgotten about when compared to football or basketball. This is still a game that has helped sports to exert its influence in online casinos, though. The Golden Glove slot is the perfect illustration of this and one for all baseball fans to try out. Full of well-drawn graphics, smooth reel animation and baseball-style FX, it really takes you into the heart of the game. With five reels and 20 paylines, it is not only easy to understand but also offers lots of chances to win. It also contains a cool feature where a player runs around the bases as you play – if he makes it all the way, you win double your bet.

Sports have shaped online casino play
There is no doubt that sports have helped to shape what happens in online casinos. This has mainly been around what sort of games are on offer for players. Game developers and online operators are all keen to give sports fans what they want to play in order to attract more customers. If you are a fan of both sports and online games, then it is a win-win situation!

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