How to Watch Football Live Streams for Free

Since the pandemic, virtual sports events and live streams have become the norm due to social distancing measures. From watching live football for today to rewatching your favorite moments through video-on-demand platforms, many online channels and websites have provided all that sports fans needed to keep up-to-date with the latest tournaments. In fact, Chat Sports is one of those websites that give the latest highlights, news, and games so you don’t miss a beat!

Moreover, there are already plenty of live streaming websites that offer football live streams for free. However, there are also streaming sites that require a paid subscription. In return, you also get exclusive video content. However, no matter what platform you are watching, here’s an important reminder: always check if it’s legal to stream sports games for free in your country.

Know that some streaming sites occasionally link to illegal streaming sources. While the streaming site might be legal and safe, the streaming source might not be. Moreover, downloading or peer-to-peer streaming violates copyright laws. So, be aware and careful of this fact.

Where to watch football live streams
Take the time to research reputable football live streaming sites to keep yourself safe when streaming your favorite matches.

1. SonyLIV

SonyLIV is a freemium streaming platform by Sony Pictures Networks India. Since this is an Indian-based platform, you might experience some language barrier, or the platform may not be available in your country. If you don’t mind the language and if it’s available in your country, the platform also offers other matches for other sports such as tennis, cricket, and the NBA. SonyLIV is also available on Android and iOS so you can watch it conveniently anywhere and anytime via your smartphone.

2. Fox Sports

Fox Sports also offers an online live streaming service, which makes it easy for sports fans to follow their favourite tournaments. Since this is a well-known broadcast channel, you can be sure that the website and content are all legal and safe. However, keep in mind that Fox Sports may not be available to some countries. After all, the channel caters to the American market.

However, the channel has subdivisions in Asia, Australia, Brazil, and some parts of Latin America, so users from these parts may have access to the website. However, take note that the platform only offers regional sports networks such as Fox Sports Midwest, so expect to only find local American matches to watch.

3. WatchESPN

Similar to Fox Sports, ESPN also has an online streaming platform called WatchESPN. Avid sports fans can watch the latest live streams, game replays, video highlights, and more on the platform. However, WatchESPN has a paid subscription, but when you subscribe to the platform, you can find various sports tournaments from college sports games to extreme sports. 

4. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is another legitimate video-on-demand platform that is only available to users from the UK. One nice perk of the platform is that UK-based users have the privilege to watch videos commercial-free. Users can watch or download a wide range of matches from the current 2020 Tokyo Olympics to their favourite UK football matches. For the best experience on your smartphone, it’s best to download the app since the website is not mobile-friendly.

5. BuffStreams

BuffStreams is one of the most popular sports live streaming platforms available worldwide. You can watch various games from the NFL. Aside from this, you can also watch matches from other sports such as racing, basketball, golf, and hockey, among others. However, one downside of streaming on BuffStreams is the video quality. The free version only streams with a standard definition. Users need to log in to watch in HD. 

What to do if a stream does not work in your country
As mentioned, some of the streaming sites listed above are not available in some countries. So, what do you do when you can’t access a streaming website due to restrictions? There are three things that you can do: find another streaming site that caters to your country, access the website through a VPN, or use a proxy website.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network not only connects you to the Internet securely but also allows you to connect to a private network. By downloading and installing a VPN to your device, you can access restricted streaming sites since a VPN will make it seem like you are streaming from another country. It changes your digital location so you can have access to restricted content. 

On the other hand, a web proxy changes your IP address and other personal computer data so you can browse through the Internet privately and freely. Moreover, it helps you not leave a trace when browsing.

The key to using a web proxy or VPN is to find one that offers a safe, secure, and affordable service. However, know that some countries ban the use of VPN, which has legal implications if you violate this. So, make sure to check the legalities of using a VPN in your country and in the country that you are aiming for.

Reminders when streaming online
Keep these tips in mind to keep yourself safe whenever you watch or browse on football streaming sites.

Watch on reputable streaming sites
Reputable sites include those from official sports media and long-time streaming platforms that are recommended by the sports community. Most legitimate streaming sites require a paid subscription, but you can also find free streaming sites offering great content. Just be careful when browsing.

Keep your security software updated
No matter where you are on the Internet, it never hurts to keep yourself protected by installing security software, such as Norton AntiVirus and McAfee AntiVirus. Update your software regularly and scan your device whenever possible to keep it away from malware and other cyber threats.

Don’t click suspicious ads, links, or pop-ups
Many free streaming sites have enticing ads, links, and pop-ups that make you want to click on them. However, don’t click on these! A study found that around half of the steaming sites only contain malicious links and ads. So, beware and don’t click on them!

Watch at your own risk
If you still choose to watch on sketchy streaming sites because of convenience, understand that you are putting yourself at risk of getting malware or have your data stolen. Try not to sacrifice your privacy. Instead, look for other free but safe streaming sites to watch your favorite football live streams.

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