How Sports Betting Trends Will Change In 2021

For those people who get their kicks from sports betting, the last few years have been difficult, to say the least. As the pandemic swept across the globe in 2020, pretty much all team sports had to be put on hold and all the shops on the high street had to close.

But now that is over and sports have come back into our lives, what trends have been left behind and what can we expect in Indiana and beyond in the coming years?

The Era of Online Betting
Many bookmakers managed to survive by moving online and offering bets on some random things, such as politics-something we are still seeing today even with the return of televised sports-but for the fans, this was nowhere near the same as the thrill of placing a bet and watching the match play out.

Thankfully, team sports have returned, and as the new football season starts, fans are getting ready to start betting. However, many bookmakers that moved online have still not managed to reopen their doors in town, and many have gone out of business entirely.

Even with the pandemic coming to an end, it looks like the era of online betting is here to stay.

Risk-Free Bets and Bonuses
Betting online has brought many new trends with it. For a start, sites such as Unibet Indiana who took advantage of the closure of shops to open a betting site online last year-are offering many promotions such as risk-free bets, something shops never offered.

These bonuses and risk-free bets make it easier for newbies to get involved. People who have never bet before for fear of losing their money can now get involved to experience the excitement without losing their cash.

The Rise of eSports
eSports became unprecedentedly popular in 2020, and the amount of money being bet on these types of games is still on the rise. Not only has this been great for the bookmakers.

Even with the return of real sports, punters still love these eSports and the trend is still growing.

Player Tracking
Betting online gives punters access to a wealth of information, and player tracking is emerging as one of the most useful sources for making well-informed bets.

Player tracking allows punters to follow players’ health and fitness. So, even if you would usually bet on a certain team, you may be disinclined to do so if their best players aren’t on top form. This is changing the world of sports betting as we know it.

Live Streaming
Although some sites have been offering live streaming and in-play betting for years, more and more have been getting into this trend over the last year.

Being able to instantly place bets during fast-paced games such as basketball adds a new level of excitement to betting, and we can expect this trend to keep on becoming more popular as more people stay home due to the pandemic.

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