How the Casino Industry Influences NFL Teams

There aren’t many safe investments nowadays, but it would seem that a lot of people confidently invest in the gambling industry. Casinos, online gambling sites, and sportsbooks are performing rather well. Of course, smaller and mid-size operators tend to struggle, but bigger companies are a lot more stable. Online casinos are seeing an increase in traffic and that is partly due to recent lockdowns. However, they are also no wagering casino sites that offer amazing bonuses, which allow users to gamble relatively risk-free. Although these bonuses are a great incentive, gambling operators still need to invest a lot in marketing, which is why they are closely connected to sports. The casino industry has impacted sports in multiple ways, and here we will see just how NFL teams were influenced by these deals.  

Advertising Online Casinos
US online gambling sites are already collaborating with a few NFL franchises. Given how internet gambling isn’t still legal in many states this collaboration is limited to certain regions. The collaboration usually includes commercials or ads during big matches. This is something that is very common in the UK where online casinos have been around for over a decade. This helps operators get more visibility, and it also helps those who are looking to play casino games on specific platforms. For example in the UK Boku casinos are really popular because of the available payment method. So, users love it when they have means of finding trustworthy operators who accept these payments.

NFL teams are heavily compensated for these corporations. This gives them more resources for strengthening the team, bringing more talent on board, and even creating better playing conditions. The collaboration doesn’t stop here though, it rather extends to other forms of marketing. 

How Do NFL Teams Feel About This?
There is a reason why gambling isn’t legal all over the globe. There are lots of pros and cons when it comes to this form of entertainment, and public perception of this industry varies depending on the region. Gambling was often associated with criminal activity, so NFL teams weren’t initially thrilled about potential partnerships. Luckily, thanks to heavy regulations and laws, fixing matches and getting rich have been strongly suppressed, especially in the big league. In fact, sportsbooks share their profit with NFL teams, and the goal is to ensure fair play.

Over the years NFL teams became more emboldened when it comes to doing business with gambling companies. Recently the rights to Superbowl were even awarded to Las Vegas, so it’s going to be a pretty spectacular event in 2004.

Organizing Home Games
Even when there is no direct connection between NFL and casinos, some sort of collaboration seemingly exists. It’s tough to say whether there is a contract for these sorts of things, but it’s just too common to be regarded as a mere coincidence. To clarify, almost 80% of NFL home games are happening within a 1-hour drive from a casino. However, there doesn’t need to be a special agreement for this, maybe the owners purposely built the establishment there because of its proximity to the stadium.  

Players as Brand Ambassadors
Another important effect is that NFL players now have alternative revenue sources. Those athletes with a strong online presence and higher star power are more likely to be approached by casinos to be brand ambassadors. This means that you don’t have to be the best player in order to be the most successful athlete. Social skills and communication with fans are really important to make your user base grow. Casinos want to have popular celebrities as their brand ambassadors, especially athletes. If players know that they are indirectly supporting their favorite team by gambling on a certain website, they are more likely to choose to spend their money there.

What About NFL Fans?
Much like in any other sports there are lots of spectators and viewers who don’t like the idea of their team being connected to gambling companies. This is because there are underage viewers and parents hate it when their kids are exposed to gambling ads. On the other hand, there are those who are happy to hear the team is moving up and securing new deals. They know that this can be a good thing, and even help the team do better during the next season. If rivals are getting additional sources of revenue, their favorite team could be at a disadvantage by refusing these deals. 

Finally, there are also sports betting fans, who obviously benefit whenever a sportsbook is sponsoring their team. They are likely to get promo codes or other promotions during big events and will be able to place a few free bets.

The NFL or Super Bowl to be precise is one of the biggest events in the US. The US market has also seen a massive rise in the iGaming industry, especially fantasy sports. There are tons of sports fans who really love casino games and betting. So it makes sense for these companies to reach out to NFL franchises. 

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