How To Become A Bookie And The Top Tips For Bookmaking Success

Betting on sports has gone mainstream. Although plenty of people won’t directly say that they gamble on sports, most everyone in the United States has bought squares during a Super Bowl party or put a few bucks into that year’s company NCAA Tournament Bracket pool.

Even though leagues like the NBA and NHL had to pause during the coronavirus pandemic forced shutdowns, the National Football and three of the top Power 5 Conferences in college football started their seasons on time. That led to a resurgence in gambling website wagering.

Sports betting has become so prevalent that companies like ESPN have shows where handicappers choose their best bet of the day. Daily Wager on ESPN gets a few sports handicappers together every day to select their best play. 

The betting action on football games has increased in most online sportsbooks, including pay per head books that use gambling software. But although the public is more educated than ever before when it comes to placing wagers, many still don’t understand how bookies set odds or how to run a small sportsbook.

Contrary to what most believe, it’s not difficult to create a successful bookie business. Understanding sports betting, or even sports, isn’t a requirement. The desire to make a profit and knowing how to satisfy customer desires is more important than knowing how the Dallas Cowboys are trying to salvage the season.

Top tips for running your sportsbook platform
If someone asks, “what is a bookie," how will you answer? Pointing the person towards an episode of The Sopranos won’t cut it. Bookies don’t make money by breaking legs or threatening customers.

It’s important to understand that bookmakers provide a service. A bookie is in the service business. Customers, your players, sign onto their accounts on your company site. They then make bets on the sports games of their choice.

Like any business, bookmakers must maintain excellent cash flow. Money must continue to flow through the company with the most revenue. That's the money acquired from players making bets, going to the bottom line as profit.

So, the first key to running an online sportsbook is to find a company that can help you ensure cash flow. Once you’ve found that organization, you’ve switched from being a bookie to being a pay per head bookie software agent.

That's tip number one, and an essential tip anybody requires to become a successful bookie. Partner with a per head organization that charges you a flat rate for each player and provides a tool for you to pay customers and get paid online.

There are other things you can do to run a profit-generating sportsbook, of course. Bookie software companies offer things like layoff accounts, which allow for risk mitigation and line movers, allowing bookmakers to change betting lines, and bet alert tools that ping agents once a player has made a large bet.

All tools help bookies make money. But the essential tool is the one that keeps the cash flowing.  

Partner with a company that offers multiple sportsbook software platforms
Today’s bookies will tell you that customers aren’t as easy to categorize as they were in the past. Football bettors no longer wager exclusively on gridiron contests. Some bet on basketball, or baseball, or even international soccer.

The fastest-growing segment in sports are wagers on eSport games like League of Legends, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike. But players also like to bet in the casino, bet on horse racing, and bet in live dealer casinos.

We can trace the rise in sports betting to the early stages of the pandemic. After the NHL and NBA shut down their seasons, sports bettors had few options. Instead of betting on ping-pong, they decided to wager in horse racebooks, spin the wheels on slot machines, and play blackjack, roulette, and baccarat in online live dealer casinos.

Bookies can’t just offer a sportsbook and hope to make money. They must also provide free betting software platforms like digital casinos, thoroughbred racing, and they must provide a live, in-game betting platform.

But even offering those aren’t enough. The top bookies, the most successful and profitable, run companies that provide premium services. The casino must be a premium casino with the latest 3D games. The live betting platform must have game trackers and video streams.

The bottom line is that to succeed as a sportsbook operator, you must be much more than just a bookie. The best way to accomplish that is to partner with a PPH sportsbook company that offers a) a way to pay and collect from customers online and b) offers multiple betting software platforms.

Those are the two most essential elements of a great gambling business. Everything else can boost profit, but those two elements, both of which come from signing up with the right pay per head partner, are essential to running a moneymaking sportsbook operation.

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