Horse Races That Make For The Best Days Out

If you are an avid fan of the beautiful sport of horse racing, or you simply have little interest, the races that are scattered across the year are beloved by all because of the thrill they provide, as well as the pageantry that comes along with each event, something that you won’t find anywhere else. Here is some helpful information that should allow you to decide which of the many beautiful horse races that make for the best days out and a few little tips you need to know before attending.

The Grand National
When it comes to horse racing the Grand National is one of the most famous races, not only in the UK but across the globe and each year when it rolls around each year over 600 million viewers tune in or turn up to become involved in the action of the races. The three-day race held in Liverpool each year is beloved for the excitement of its races as well as the added thrill sports betting on your favorite runner with, whether you are an avid bettor or just pick a horse by color, its a great way to enhance the greatness of the event.

Since being first run in 1839 it has been moved and changed but only cancelled due to the second world war, between the years of 1941-1945 and only again recently due to the Coronavirus pandemic that led to the very first virtual Grand National in 2020.

The race is also very famous nowadays due to the adaptation of the track which has now been known to be one of the most difficult due to its distance that stretches 4 miles and 514 yards, along with a total of 30 fences that runners must clear over the two laps. Over the 3 days, over 20 races take place on the track.

Royal Ascot
Another world-renowned horse race is Royal Ascot that offers guest not only an amazing day full of thrill and excitement where the races are concerned but also a royal experience and pageantry that is second to none in the world of racing.

Ascot is well known for its royal connections that stem from Queen Ann opening the races back in 1711 all the way to the present day in which many members of the royal family enjoy attending the races and Queen Elizabeth herself even has personal horses that she likes to enter into the sport.

Another attraction to Ascot is the fashion and pageantry that is second to none. The race is very well-known for its strict dress code that attendees must follow when at the races, this code makes the event so much more than just a day at the races as it gives spectators an excuse to dress to impress and have a day of class that is fairly uncommon for sporting events. The dress code for other races can differ and tend not to be to as strict or particular as Royal Ascot and so we advice that you do a little research beforehand to make sure you are dress for the occasion.

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