Gambling 101: Is There Such A Thing As Risk-Free Betting?

Sports betting is a form of gambling and such, it comes with a risk that you might lose. Of course, no one likes losing, which is why sports bettors have been trying to find the ultimate betting method that brings big profits while shooing away all the risks. So, is there such a thing as risk-free betting?

Obviously, the answer is no. If it did, all the online bookmakers would end up bankrupt. However, there are some sports betting strategies that can reduce the risks to the minimum. We’re now going to discuss some of them.

Matched Betting
If there’s one thing sportsbooks hate, it’s losing money. That’s why the bonuses they’re giving away almost always come with some conditions that are pretty difficult to fulfill. In most cases, the condition attached is a wagering requirement that’s usually 10x or higher, or in the cases of sports betting not on Gamstop or other offshore books, they can be slightly higher but with larger bonuses.

What this means is that in order to turn the bonus into withdrawable cash, you need to wager (and win) the bonus ten times. Winning ten times in a row is not that easy, which is why most bettors don’t get anything from their bonuses.

This is where matched betting comes in. By using this method, you’re supposed to back one outcome with the bonus, while betting against it with your own money. This way, whatever happens, you are the winner.

Unfortunately, your profits are very, very small. Plus, there’s always the risk that the sportsbook will figure out that you’re using this method and suspend your account.

Arbitrage betting is a strategy that takes advantage of odds discrepancies at different sportsbooks. As there are literally hundreds of online sportsbooks out there, some of them might have different ideas of who the favorite is.

To explain how arbing works, it’s best if we used an example. We’ll take the hypothetical Milwaukee Bucks vs Los Angeles Lakers as an example.

Let’s say that the odds on the Milwaukee Bucks are +110 at one sportsbook. If you manage to find another sportsbook that’s giving +100 on the Los Angeles Lakers, you’re in for a sure win. By putting $100 on each bet, you’re going to get a profit no matter which team wins.

The bad news is that on an investment of $200, you’re going to get a profit of only $5. Another bad news is that such odds discrepancies do not happen that often. The final reason against this method is that sportsbooks hate it. If they find out you’re arbing, it’s very likely that your account is going to get suspended.

Martingale System
The Martingale is thought of as the only betting method that’s 100% sure to work. Unfortunately, it may come to fruition once it’s too late.

The whole point of this system is that you bet on a draw (or a similar outcome with odds longer than +100). Every time you lose, you need to double your stake betting on the exact same bet. Keep on doing this and you will eventually win.

The Bottom Line
All sports betting methods come with at least a little bit of risk, so why not forget about it and enjoy yourself. After all, gambling is all about fun.

By wagering some money on your favorite team, you’re supposed to spice up your experience. If you win, great! If not, who cares, at least you’ve had a great time.

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