Choose A Reasonable Betting Method At Fun88

Currently, Fun88 has many odds and types of bets to choose from. Besides the main markets on football, such as Under / Over bets, European bets, Asian bets, the extra bets such as corner bets, penalty cards are also interesting to many players. However, many players are still quite surprised with booking bets. Therefore, today Fn88pro will explain to you carefully about this bet type in the article below.

Meaning of "Booking Points":
In Fun88 betting you bet on the number of yellow and red cards included in each team's match. The yellow card and red card are also known as Total Bookings or Booking Points. In order to meet the increasing demand of players, the house also offers many forms of handicap like other types of handicap.

The handicap format in this bet type has a style of play that is quite similar to the traditional Handicap at reputable sports bookmakers, with the over and under. However, the difference is that the Total Bookings handicap calculates the results through the total number of cards drawn, and the Handicap Handicap determines the winner or loss according to the final score of the match. This betting method at Fun88 is easier to calculate the outcome as there is no case of winning half money or losing half money because it is always either a handicap or a tie.

How to calculate the number of cards in the match:
The yellow or red card in the draw is only counted within the playing field (cards drawn for coaches or players will not be included in the result of the ticket market). Yellow cards count as 1 point and red cards count as 2 points. Based on the score, there will be the total score for the match.

For example: a player who is yellow card in the first half and in the second half continues to receive another yellow card, the total of this demand has 3 points (1 point for the yellow card and 2 points for the red card).

You can either play on either the whole match or the 1st half, depending on the operator applicable to the match. Together with Fun88 Full Time (full match), the current Half Time Handicap format will not have 0.25 and 0.75 cards, so there will be no cases of winning half or losing half money at this contract.

Over / Under odds:
Over / Under Odds: Players will proceed to predict the total number of cards drawn in the match for both teams during the official match on the field. There will be 2 types of betting for players to choose from:1st half / full match odd bet: players predict whether the total number of cards in the first half or 90 minutes of both teams will be an even or odd number.

First / Last Card Handicap: Players will proceed to predict and bet which team is the first to receive the card. For this type of card color betting there is no point in the card.

In addition, in some bookmakers there are also timestamps such as how many minutes the penalty is in the match.

Experience with how to play:
The first thing you need to consider is who the referee is controlling the match and what the referee's penalty history is. In addition, you also need to learn about the way of the two teams to see if there is a team that usually kicks in attack because if only 1 of the 2 teams takes an attack, the number of cards will be pretty much.

Especially in the derby, or El Clásico, the penalty ratio will be very high, even the appearance of a red card is very normal and can come at any time as long as there is only a collision between two players on the field.

Above are tips on how to bet Booking Points easy to understand for newbies at Fun88. With a firm grasp of the above instructions, players can easily win when participating in betting. However, you need to spend more time learning about the team you will bet on, as well as accumulating experience for yourself.

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