The Best Casual Sports Games you should Try in 2017

Sports are fun. They are fun to watch, they are fun to practice, and they are also fun to play with in the simulated, casual environment we know as "video games". While most of the times video games and sports don't seem to be a proper mix - after all, playing video games usually means that the player doesn't practice any sports - there are cases when the two form a synergy worth mentioning. Like in the case of some casual games you can play on the go, even between two workout or jogging sessions - or while resting at home, if you'd like.

Hit the slots
When it comes to casual games, none of them are as "casual" as slot machines. They are very simple, easy to learn and play, and can be a ton of fun. That's especially true for the games you find if you go mobile at Red Flush online casino. The Red Flush has a nice collection of sports-themed slot machines for you to explore - and you don't even have to play them for real.

Among the sports-themed games in the Red Flush library, you'll find more serious ones, like Break Away (ice hockey), Basketball Star, Rugby Star or Good to Go (F1), and more fun-centered ones like Soccer Safari (a soccer cup themed slot machine with African animals) or Racing for Pinks, a street-racing inspired game.

All games at the Red Flush Mobile run on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone powered smartphones.

Football on the go
While playing with a proper football simulator on your phone might prove to be a bit too difficult (after all, it doesn't have a controller or a keyboard), an arcade football game might do just fine. One of the recent football games - widely considered to be the best football arcade you can try - is Football Heroes Pro 2017. The game even bears the approval of the NFLPA and offers its players an experience much more casual than the other football contestant, Madden NFL Mobile.

Football Heroes Pro 2017 is available on Android and iOS.

For basketball fans
NBA Live is a game released by the undisputed masters of sports simulation games, Electronic Arts. You can choose whether to play casually, challenge other players to one-on-one matches, or play a full season while collecting cards and unlocking features. The game can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Last but not least, here's a game seemingly stepping out of the 1990s. NBA Jam is a paid app (it will set you back $4.99 both on Android and iOS) offering fast-paced two-on-two action to its players - either against virtual player or other real players through the internet. Since it's a paid app, you won't have to unlock anything, and there are no in-app purchases in the game - only action and fun. A must-play for all fans of the original game.

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