Betting on Football: Go-To Beginners Guide

Betting on football is one of the most lucrative activities found in the world of sports betting. Although you might need to go the extra mile before you place the first bet, your efforts will pay off. Winning football bets require thorough research into footie leagues and statistical data. Whatever your level of experience, in the course of time you can master the strategies of betting on football like a pro!

To become a profitable long-term football bettor you might need to start with learning about things such as the different types of bets, how to create winning strategies, and how to manage your budget without going overboard. This quick-start guide will help you make your first steps and dive into the overwhelming football betting.

Choose Your Game
If you are already into the whole football championship craze then good for you, but if you’re not sure about what championship to bet on you better test the waters first. Browse the major sporting events and see what’s up for grabs.

Football has long been the number one sport when it comes to popularity among bettors. The numbers are especially huge during the major championships such as FIFA World Cup, FA Cup, Copa America, UEFA Championship, and other stunners.

If you don’t know what to start with, take a look ahead at the upcoming events and do some background research. Make sure you know everything about the sporting event you are betting on. After all, most of the history of the sport is made of the most unexpected football goals or great moments in popular championship history. This will not only hone your online football prediction skills but will make sure you can expect the unexpected and choose the right betting market.

Choose the Right Bookie
Every functional football betting guide needs to give you insights on what to look for when choosing the right betting site. With the accessibility and convenience of online betting, there’s no need to go for the traditional land-based wagering option. Online platforms have everything you need in one place and you can make your bets in the comfort of your own home. However, having so many online platforms to choose from has its downsides as well—you’ll need to spend more time on finding the right one for you.

First off make sure that the online betting platform you go for is trustworthy and safe. One way is checking the licenses to see if the website operates legally in your country. Always give priority to the ones that are allowed to provide betting services.

You might also want to quickly scan the payment method section to see if the website has the payment method you prefer.  Check the payouts. Different bookies offer different odds, and thus, the payouts vary from website to website. Check, analyze and compare to get the best payouts on the market.

Among the most significant edges of online betting over the traditional one are the endless promotions, welcome bonuses, and other opportunities to get freebies. Bonus systems also tend to be different, so you better add this point to your checklist while choosing your ideal bookie.

If you are new to the betting world opt for a safe, accessible, and generous betting platform to have a smooth first experience and make good use of welcome bonuses.

Learn About Football Bet Types
Another crucial aspect of successful betting is knowing the market and bet types you can place. Given the popularity of football in sports betting and the number of wagering opportunities throughout the year, there’s no shortage of football bets you can place. Here are some common options to kick off.

Correct Score Betting - This one is pretty obvious. You’ll need to predict the final score and get your payout if the prediction was correct. Although simple these bets are proven to be lucrative as they usually offer you long odds.

Moneyline - In moneyline betting, you simply bet on the team that’s going to become the outright winner. It’s commonly used by the underdog bettor and is very popular.

Parlays - In parlay betting, you choose two or more football sides. This will increase your potential payout, however, in order to get it, you’ll need to win all your bets.

Over/Under - Another simple yet extremely popular market is over/under betting. The essence is to predict whether the final score is over or under the point total offered by the bookie.

Props - Proposition bets or props give you the opportunity to bet on anything that goes beyond the actual result of the game. Your bet may refer to things that will or will not happen. You can bet almost on anything from the coin toss results to the first TD scorer.

Manage Your Budget
There are a lot of technical things you’ll need to master before making your bet such as knowing the types of football odds, learning how to read them and do the maths. However, before you dive into numbers make sure you properly manage your bankroll.

The most effective bankroll management in the world of online betting is setting a budget so that you don’t go overboard. Know your spending and consider losing your bet an option. Football is a lucrative betting option, but no one is immune to losing, so you better hit the betting platform with the set budget you want to spend.

Keep in mind that profitability in betting is about having fun and making winning bets, not about being an expert or knowing all the answers. This guide will give you a simple framework to help you make proper football bets and enjoy every second of the game.

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