San Francisco Bay Area is the Sports Startup Capital of the World

San Francisco is gearing up for tonight's sports startup meetup, so what better time to highlight the amazing sports startups currently operating in the Bay Area.

From recently acquired Bleacher Report and Yardbarker to the bevy of startups that have recently launched or raised capital, the Bay Area is THE place to be if you are building a business in sports media.

As you can see on our map, the you can't walk more that a few blocks in San Francisco without passing by the HQ of one of these startups, while their are also some great companies operating in Silicon Valley area.

Below are the list of sports startups and their HQ addresses (that we know of!) in the Bay Area.... if we are missing one, let us know!

Bleacher Report 153 Kearny Street - 2nd Floor - San Francisco, CA 94108
Yardbarker 611 Mission St. San Francisco, CA, 94105
Thuuz 438 Addison Ave. Palo Alto CA, 94301
PickMoto PacHeights - San Francisco
RECAPP Marina District, San Francisco, 94115
Sidelines 140 Second Street - 5th floor - San Francisco, CA, 94105
SportStream 88 1st St. - Ste. 400 - San Francisco, CA, 94105
FanBase 667 Mission Street - Suite 450 - San Francisco, CA, 94105
YourSports 273 South Railroad Ave - San Mateo, CA, 94401
Fanhood Soma - San Francisco, 94107
Heckler Sports 2130 Center St., Suite 8 - Berkeley, CA 92704
FanDuel San Francisco, CA 94122
Kwarter 580 Howard St. Suite 402 - San Francisco, CA, 94105
OnSports 901 Mission St. San Francisco, CA, 94103
Chat Sports 404 Bryant St. San Francisco, CA 94107


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