RECAPP CEO David Chen wants to build the best app for sports fans

If you haven’t heard of sports new app RECAPP, you will soon. This sports app for iPhone, that lets users access the best news sources for their favorite teams and leagues, just launched in April 2012. After only a few months, RECAPP already has several thousand downloads and is looking to take the sports world by force.

This sleek user interface is one of the best I have ever seen for a sports app. The app is incredibly easy to use, making it very simple for sports fans to get excellent content in a matter of seconds.

“I am a sports nut, and a news junkie,” RECAPP CEO David Chen told Chat Sports in a phone interview. “I found myself going to fifteen different websites, flipping through pages, and thought there must be a more efficient way with a better user experience to find fresh sports content.”

Chen says what really makes RECAPP unique among sports apps is its’ fluid design, great user experience, and its quality content. Instead of going to several different websites that are differentiated by the source of the content, RECAPP differentiates your content by the teams you care about most, filtering out all of the other noise in the sporting world.”

As a company, RECAPP is still in relative infancy. They are currently bootstrapping, with all investments coming from friends and family. Chen noted that within the next six months they would begin to raise a seed round of funding.

When asked about the technological steps going into making their product, Chen explained “We have a bunch of servers that are constantly pinging a bunch of feeds, looking for fresh content.”

Part of what makes RECAPP so unique is they are incredibly picky as to what news sources they deliver to their users. “We left out a lot of sources, we want to focus on journalist who are professionals. We want to feature journalists who have access to the players and the locker rooms. The Internet is really noisy, you have to strip back the layers and see who is really writing unique and thoughtful pieces.”

Chen said one of the proudest moments in company history was over the summer when he was in a sports bar in San Diego and he ran into NBA legend Bill Walton. Fortunately Walton had his iPad handy, and after a while of conversation, Walton gladly downloaded RECAPP. To the surprise of Chen, Walton contacted him via email a few weeks later letting him know how much he loved the app and how frequently he used it.

In addition to getting feedback from a celebrity, Chen has been really adamant about listening to all of the feedback he has received from his thousands of users. The RECAPP team is actively listening to suggestions, the most prominent suggestions being scores and fantasy sports integration.

Other than listening to user feedback, the RECAPP team is working on adding new features, most notably Facebook integration. “We want to get more deeply integrated with Facebook app to help with the virility of the app because people tend to share more on Facebook than they do on Twitter” said Chen.

RECAPP’s iPhone app is available for download in the app store today - RECAPP APP

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