5 Basketball Safety Gear Items to Invest In

There is not a lot of safety gear used in the game of basketball. This game is not a full contact sport and there are relatively few injuries to the players.

However, there are some things that a player can wear to help keep them from having an injury, or keep an injury from being severe.

Mouth Guards
The most frequently purchased safety item for basketball players are mouth guards. Basketball mouthguards are inexpensive, easy to wear, and they can save you from a lot of uncomfortable injuries.

Ankle Brace
Ankle injuries are some of the most common injuries reported by basketball players. The basketball shoes are designed to help prevent these injuries, but by wearing an ankle brace players can increase their protection substantially.

Most players choose to wear the cloth ankle braces that slip onto the foot like a sock. These are compression style braces that offer support but still allow the player to have a full range of motion for running and jumping.

An ankle brace does limit some of the common ankle movements. It will limit your ability to point your foot in a downward angle away from your leg. It will also limit your ability to turn the foot inward, which is a major cause of ankle sprains, and injury during sporting games.

Knee Brace
Knee braces are available as sleeves or as braces that lace up on your leg. Both types of braces provide support to the knee, they compress the tissue of the knee, and reduce swelling and traumatic injury. The most common knee brace seen on basketball players is the sleeve variety.

The brace does restrict movement in the knee to stop the knee from being twisted, and stop the kneecap from being moved or injured during play.

Knee braces can be worn to prevent injury and they can be worn by people who have suffered an injury to prevent complications like swelling from happening.

Face Masks
There are an increasing number of basketball players who are wearing face masks when they play. The face masks can protect them from possible injuries and they can help them heal after having experienced an injury.

Face masks have evolved over the years. In the 80’s the only face mask available for a player to wear were a one size should fit everyone mask that rarely fit anyone and often caused more injury. Today there are clear face masks that can be molded to fit the players face perfectly.

Face masks can prevent injuries like broken noses, and they can be used to support broken noses while a player is playing. This type of injury is not common in basketball but a player can get hit, knocked down, or even struck by the ball with such a force that it breaks their nose. The protective mask can stop this from occurring.

Elbow Pads
If you have ever fallen on a basketball court and hit your elbow then you know the pain can be intense. Even if you do not fracture the elbow simply striking this portion of your body causes a lot of pain.

The elbow pads do not restrict movement like knee braces and ankle braces do. That is because the elbow pad is simply a cushion to protect the elbow if it is struck and is not a compression device like a brace, or sleeve. The elbow pad slips onto the arm and is slid into position.

Over the elbow there is a thicker section of padded material that protects the bone and joint if it were to strike a hard surface.

Final Thoughts
You do not have to have protective gear in order to play basketball. The protective gear is mostly precautionary and it is up to each individual whether or not they wish to use this gear.

There are other items like sprays that can be applied to your shoes that increase friction and stop slips that are used by many players. The main safety gear that you need is to know your own strengths and weaknesses and then use that knowledge to keep yourself safe during play.

Always keep plenty of water available so you can stay hydrated because dehydration is a more common injury amongst basketball players than any other.

Many players carry cold packs with them in case they do suffer an injury on the court. Some also carry first aid kits and ibuprofen because it helps to reduce swelling. Just be cautious and play safe.

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