Steve Spurrier Says He Back On The "Four to Five More Years" Plan

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier said that he thought he had about two to three more seasons in him before he retired, which makes sense for a coach that's 69 years old.

However, the comment has hurt recruiting. It's being used as a major tool to lure recruits who want to play for Spurrier away from the Gamecocks, and several SC recruiting targets have already committed elsewhere.

Now Spurrier seems to be changing his tune.

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South Carolina went 6-6 this past season, a disappointing mark for a team that was picked to win the SEC East before the year started.

Spurrier's initial comments could have come from frustration about the season and he still feels like he can coach four or five more years, or he is simply backtracking to try and save some face in recruiting.

Either way, if athletic director Ray Tanner can turn this into a longer contract for Spurrier, Gamecock fans will be happy.

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