The Best And Worst Football Kits For The 2022-23 Season

Each season you get hundreds of new kit releases; every club releases at least two new on-field kits. For some of the big guns, this number increases to three and even four if a club decides to release a limited-edition special kit along with their home, away, and third kits. Football kit releases are nearly as important as new signings when it comes to drawing attention from the fans. The fans eagerly wait for their favorite club to release their threads so that they can get their hands on the new colors.

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We have ranked some of the best and worst football kits for the upcoming season based on the reaction of the fans below:

Best football kits for the 2022-23 season

AC Milan home kit
The AC Milan home kit for the upcoming season has received a lot of praise from both the clubs' fans and neutrals because of its classy design. Designed by Puma, the jersey received a lot of positive reviews on its release and has seen its sales rise,, with fans rushing to the stores to get their hands on it.

Real Madrid home kit
Adidas, over the years, has designed some of the most unique kits when it comes to Real Madrid in the form of their away and alternate kits. However, when it comes to their home kit, the whites have never strayed away from the basics and have stuck to their traditional white threads, and things are no different this time around. Released in May, the home threads for Real Madrid feature an all-white design with a collar that has a black outline. The fans have loved the new colors, with the club selling a large number of articles.

Arsenal away kit
Adidas has experimented a lot when it comes to the away colors of Arsenal and has produced some of the most shocking kits in recent memory. However, for the 2022-23 away colors, the club has gone with something that has been received well by their own fans as well as neutral football fans. The leaked pictures of the kit show a black jersey with golden outlining that features a unique design you do not see with many other jerseys.

Worst football kits for the 2022-23 season

Atletico Madrid home kit
Featuring unconventional wavy stripes, Atletico Madrid’s new home kit has received mixed reviews from both fans and experts. Nike went out of the way to design something unique for the club, but it seems like it hasn’t worked out this time around.

2. Manchester City home kit
Featuring a retro design inspired by Colin Bell and the teams of the 60s, the new home kit of Manchester City offers a different look from anything you can recall. It features the crest in the center with red and white outlining on the collar and the sleeves. It has also received mixed reviews but is definitely worth collecting if you’re someone who loves unique football jerseys.

3. Juventus home kit
For a club that has a history of playing it safe with their on-field colors, Juventus tried to experiment with their home kit this season. The black stripes on the kit feature triangles stacked together to give a never-before-seen look. Although the jersey looks decent in photos, it remains to be seen how it turns out on the pitch.

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