Why an Unpredictable Premier League is Good

Chelsea, Manchester United, and Manchester City. If any of those teams were at the top of the table, discussion about who will win the league would be at a regular level. However, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Tottenham are owning the top of the table at the moment. Arsenal probably being the most surprising, no offense to my Gunner fans.

Why is this good? Time and time again the predictions have been the same. Chelsea will win the league and Manchester United will win the Champions League. Manchester United will lead the table at the end of the week and is 5 points clear from second place. This is good, if I may say so myself, because a little bit of variety in any league is simply entertaining.

My quick bio says it, I'm a Liverpool fan. I started watching Liverpool about 6 years ago. Needless to say the unique history of the club is what attracted me as a fan, not so much their current success. I am finally seeing Liverpool consistently win and play beautiful football. Finally seeing the Reds beat their ultimate rivals and seeing consistency in the team's chemistry.

Why is this season so different from the last?

Maybe the start of the season reflects the table. It's simple psychology. It's not even halfway through the season and big games like the Manchester derby have already been played. Liverpool vs. Manchester United has already happened twice (both games won by Liverpool). Maybe teams like Arsenal and Liverpool came out incredibly strong knowing these were the games to win now rather than play and lose them later. Coming out strong could either be great for the rest of the season or it could be gone within a couple of months.

Both teams have to find a way to maintain

And the dangling question is, "Well, why is Arsenal at the top of the table?" Maybe it was finally Arsene Wenger's time to find that perfect line-up. Giroud is the protagonist at the moment and the performance of the Gunners has not only been successful, but consistent as well. The key to stay there? Maintain that consistency.

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