(Video) This Soccer Fan Smashed His TV During Brazil's Victory Over Chile

The Internet was made for moments like this.

According to Yahoo! Sports Australia, 30-year-old Brazilian fan Rafael Gambarim became absolutely overtaken with emotion during Brazil's round of 16 World Cup match with Chile.

So, after Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar denied a penalty from first-half goal scorer Alexis Sanchez of Chile, intense jubilation for Gambarim turned to anger when Sanchez popped up on his TV screen.

Then...this happened:


Gambarim had a simple explanation for all of this: "I was annoyed because he scored (Chile's first half) goal against Brazil, and when he missed, I was elated. When they showed him I said 'Take that boy!'" Gambarim stated to news portal G1, via Yahoo! Sports Australia.

"There was a lot of emotion at the time."




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