The Wonderful World of a Soccer Player's Mind

It is without a doubt that in every transfer season that the soccer world witnesses, there is always a shock, a betrayal otherwise known as an unexpected transfer. This has been the case for a couple of players in the past seasons that have been widely criticized for the decisions that they have made. To name a few, Fernando Torres and Ricardo Kaka have been some examples of surprising transfers.

Fans often ask themselves, and the player, why they decided to leave. What did the team do to encourage their decision to leave? This is the question that was asked time and again when Fernando Torres decided to sign with Chelsea FC for an incredible amount of 50,000 euros. Torres had recently expressed that he had no interest in leaving Liverpool FC even after offer after offer were made for him during the December/January transfer window. Disregarding his words, Chelsea made a bold move and made an offer for the "lad from sunny Spain" and after only a few hours of negotiating, the news became official. Fernando Torres, the striker that had scored an incredible 33 goals in his first season in the Premier League with his beloved Liverpool had just signed with one of the "Fab Four" but also with one of Liverpool's main rivals: Chelsea. The Blues rejoiced as they had just signed the tall and strong striker that had made an impact on the Premier League and was now going to be paired with Ivory Coast international, Didier Drogba.

Reaction from the fans was far from quiet. Immediate protests and burning of Torres jersey's as a sign of betrayal broke out in front of Anfield, Liverpool's home. But the question that remains is, why would he do such a thing? What fans do not think about is that their players, at the end of the day, are workers. Soccer is their career and just like any other business man, they will most likely jump at the opportunity if it means making more money. The psychology that went into the transfer was ignored by many critics as they focused on the mere betrayal of Liverpool by the striker. What many fans refuse to acknowledge is that more money is what they want and in order to achieve that, trophies need to be won. Torres expressed just this, that he left Liverpool because he was seeking more trophies in his career which he had failed to achieve with his home team, Atletico de Madrid.

Liverpool is barely just starting to improve with the help of head coach Kenny Dalglish, so it is natural that Torres wanted to leave at the time that he did which was when the Reds were experiencing one of their worst performances in the Premier League in their history.

The psychology of a player's mind is always incredibly hard to understand. From pressures and expectations, to signings and properly representing the team, the mind is always at work even when off the pitch. No one can really say what was going through Torres' mind when making the decision, but we can safely say that the money was a contributing factor to "El Niño"'s decision to depart from Anfield.

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