The Ultimate World Cup Drinking Game For Americans


We hope the rest of you are enjoying the World Cup as much as we are! If you aren't, that means one of two things: you're either too American (Roll Tide/War Eagle to that) or too sober. Fortunately, we have a solution to both problems...the ultimate World Cup drinking game for Americans! No soccer knowledge is required, and all you need to get started is a beer (or multiple beers...your mileage may vary) and a few friends.


Drink once if...

Someone falls over for no apparent reason

Someone falls over for a terrible reason (getting lightly nudged by an opponent, blatantly diving to win a penalty kick, some combination of the two)

Someone takes a free kick

The announcers mention the heat or the humidity (who could have guessed that it would be hot and humid in Brazil?)

A goalie is yelling

A Latin American team is described as "scrappy"

An Asian team is described as "technical"

An African team is described as "physical"


Drink twice if...

A national anthem is played

Someone gets a yellow card

Someone hits the crossbar or the goalpost

Someone scores a goal!

Someone mentions the "group of death" but no one knows what it means


Finish your drink if...

Someone gets a red card

The medical team brings out a stretcher to carry off an injured player, but he makes a miraculous recovery and jogs away


BONUS ROUND: If you're watching in Spanish and someone scores a goal, start drinking as soon as the ball goes in and continue until the announcer stops yelling.


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